Blank Noise

Bangalore, India

Blank Noise is a community of ‘Action Sheroes/ Heroes/ Theyroes’ ; citizens and persons taking agency to end sexual and gender based violence. Blank Noise was initiated in 2003, as a student project, in response to the normalisation of street harassment, in India and globally. Over the 18 years, Blank Noise has designed numerous public and participatory projects to affect public consciousness and build collective responsibility towards the issue. Blank Noise proposes and facilitates ideas for new collective action. Its interventions enable women, girls and persons to confront the climate of fear, warnings and victim blame. Projects are designed to heal, initiate trust, and build empathy. Interventions such as Meet To Sleep invite women and persons to take a nap in public parks, under the open skies, claiming the right to live free from fear and defenceless. Meet To Sleep enables women to create a new relationship with their bodies and their public environments, one which is not rooted in shame and fear, but in pride and belonging.

Blank Noise is built on the lived experiences and labour of its Action Sheroes/ Heroes/ Theyroes. It rests on the power of collaboration with the larger feminist movement , feminist collectives, everyday citizens and community. Blank Noise works towards creating feminist futures, across sites of violence ranging from streets, campuses, home or the web. It’s new project the Action Sheroes Guide To Gender Justice is piloted in association with Nyaaya.