Our People

Highly qualified lawyers from reputed institutions with a diverse work background of litigation, grassroots legal awareness work, training, content creation and legal research form our core team. We are united by a common passion of making justice accessible to all.

An extension of our core team is the Access to Justice Network. It consists of over 300 lawyers, legal experts and law students who work with the grassroots communities to provide information to resolve legal queries and provide paralegal support to help people navigate the complicated legal system.

Our Team

Amrita Jacob

Content Manager

Anisha Gopi

Team Lead

Ankitha Rao

Graphic Designer

Ashwini Obulesh

Programme Coordinator - Nyaaya Kannada

Deeksha Singh

Content Lead

Kanav Narayan Sahgal

Communications Manager

Kanika Arora

Content Manager

Reman Sadhu

Content Manager

Yashaswini Basu

Outreach Lead

Our Contributors and Guest Bloggers

Pallavi Mohan

Guest Blogger

Our Interns

Nandini Gandhi

Social Media Manager

Sikha Datta Reddy

Website Management Intern

Surabhi Kumari

Content Intern

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