Kanpur, India

“I’ve had an excellent experience working with Nyaaya’s team on several occasions. As our content partner for the legal section of the Sayfty Survivors’ Toolkit, they helped us understand the Indian laws around violence against women and girls in a language and with examples that made it easy to comprehend for a layman. The team is a pleasure to work with. The team brings legal expertise along with good work ethics that makes it a pleasant learning experience to collaborate with Nyaaya”.

 Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Sayfty Trust

Sayfty is an organisation which works towards empowering women against violence. Sayty’s vision is to make the daily lives of millions of Indian women safer by empowering them to take a stance against gender violence. A woman’s safety is her birthright and Sayfty’s programs and initiatives ensure that she feels safe and free from violence. They educate women and girls about the issue of violence against women by using digital media, storytelling and gender role discussions.