Feb 15, 2022

A Conversation on Laws for Gig Workers

Shonottra Kumar

On International Labour Day 2020, we spoke to Aditi Surie from Indian Institute for Human Settlements to understand the laws and policies governing ‘gig work’ in India, prior to the introduction of the four new labour codes.

Do you think the current labour legislation in India accommodate the new age urban workers like gig economy workers? If not, can you name some examples of the changes needed?





Do gig workers in India have collective action rights? If not, is it possible for them to form unions considering it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution?



What is the position of women in the gig economy? Most people get into this work owing to the flexibility it offers. Does that apply to women as well?



How has the COVID lockdown affected gig economy workers? Do any of the guidelines issued by the government since the imposition of the lockdown address gig workers?


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