Trigger Warning: The following content contains information on sexual and physical violence which some readers may find disturbing.

Child Sexual Abuse

This explainer discusses the legal provisions relating to child sexual abuse in India. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012.


Can a lawyer be appointed to represent a child for child sexual abuse cases?

I am 16 years old and my uncle sexually abuses me. Can he be punished under the child sexual abuse law?

Can I rescue a child who I know is being sexually abused?

When does the medical examination take place for a child who has been sexually abused? How is a medical examination supposed to be done?

Can news channels and papers publish details of children who are victims of sexual crimes?

What will happen if a child sexually harasses another child?

Can a woman be punished for sexually harassing a child?

If a man rapes a girl child, which law will he be punished under?

When the Court grants my child compensation for sexual abuse, how is the amount decided?

Will I be punished for not reporting an incident of child sexual abuse that I am aware of?

Who can you approach in case you have reported an instance child sexual abuse and nothing has been done about it?

What can I do if I see an instance of sexual abuse happening to a child?