For professionals in the private sector, most of your rights and duties relating to your employment are governed by your employment contract.

Employment Contracts

This explainer discusses the different kinds of employment contracts in India and your rights while joining a job. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Indian Contract Act, 1872.


Can I withdraw my acceptance of a job offer after I have accepted it?

What will happen If I violate the confidentiality/non-disclosure clause in my employment contract?

Why is it important to understand the terms in your employment contract?

If I change my job, will I have to get a new Public Provident Fund made?

What is a HR policy?

What should I do if I want to leave my job?

What is a joining bonus?

What is the difference between a Public Provident Fund Account and an Employees’ Provident Fund Account?

If my employer is vague while giving me the job offer, does it mean that he is offering me the job?

Can my employer ask me to sign a document after I quit my job, where I am not supposed to discuss the work done by me?

Can my employer ask me to not work with a rival firm if I quit the job?

Why is it better to have a written employment contract, as compared with an oral one?