Traffic rules are created to ensure safety and to decrease the number of accidents in the country. To reduce the chances of accidents and curb violation of traffic rules, there are fines in place.

Traffic Rules & Fines

This explainer discusses the traffic rules in India along with the various traffic violations that commonly exist across different metro cities in India and lists down different fines for the same. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. 


I was riding my bicycle and jumped the red light accidentally. Will I be liable?

Am I allowed to write things other than the registration number on the number plates of my car or bike?

Can I drive a motorcycle or a bike if I am 16 years old?

I have a license for a car, can I drive a truck?

If my car is towed away for parking in a no-parking zone, what can I do?

Do I have to carry the original copies of all the documents needed for a vehicle or can I carry photocopies?

What is an e- Challan?

Will I be issued a Challan everytime I pay a fine for violation of Traffic rules?

Can I let my 15 year old son drive my car?

Can I drive my car alone after obtaining a learners license or do I need an expert with me?

Can I race on the roads at night?

Can the Traffic Police challan me for using my private car for commercial purposes?

Do I have to carry the original copies of all the documents needed for a vehicle or can I carry photocopies?

Does my traffic fine vary across cities?

If a traffic police officer asks for an amount that is not the correct traffic fine, what can I do?

Can the traffic police check me for intoxication anytime?

If I am from Kerala, can I apply for a learners license and then a driving license in New Delhi?

Which documents do I need to carry with myself when I am driving a motor vehicle?

What is a valid license plate?

What will happen if I commit a traffic offence more than once?

I’m colour blind. Can I still get a driving license?

Do I have to show a physical copy of my driving license when I am stopped by a traffic officer?

When I was stopped by a police officer, I did not have enough money to pay the traffic fine. What should I do? What is the procedure for paying this fine?

Will I be issued a Challan every time I pay a fine for violation of traffic rules?

I know I am not allowed to race on crowded roads. Can I race on empty roads?

Under what circumstances can my driving license be revoked?

I am driving my car in Delhi when I am stopped by the traffic police and asked to show my documents. What documents do I have to carry? Do all the documents have to be original documents or are photocopies enough?

If I help road accident victims, will I get in trouble or harassed by the police?