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Frequently Asked Questions

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Child-Friendly Court Process

There are Special Courts set up to deal with child sexual abuse because of the sensitivity of the issue. Unlike normal Courts, these Courts are supposed to follow a special procedure to make sure that the child feels safe and comfortable.
Crimes and Violence

Renewal of Driving License

A Driving License (DL) is valid for a limited time period, based on which you have to renew it. This post elaborates the varying time limits.

Free Meals for Children in Schools (Mid-day Meal Scheme)

The law provides that all students between the ages of six to fourteen years who enrol and attend the school studying between I to VIII classes shall be entitled to nutritious meals at no cost.
citizen rights icon

Rights of LGBTQ+ Persons While Being Arrested

You are not supposed to be mistreated by police officers while being arrested based on your sexual orientation or your gender identity. So it is helpful to know the 5 rights you have under the law.
Crimes and Violence

How can you get Compensation or Money for Domestic Violence?

To get money or compensation from the harasser, you can file an application with the Court asking for monetary relief with the help of a lawyer or a Protection Officer.
Crimes and Violence

Guide to Accessing Safe Abortions

The Nyaaya Guide to Accessing Safe Abortions aims to highlight the rights available to women accessing abortions and the processes to be followed for a safe and legal abortion.