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The nature and uniqueness of the virus has created an environment of chaos and confusion around it. Lack of knowledge and structured flow of information has led to misinformation and a sense of helplessness among the public. This is a wonderful initiative taken by Nyaaya, as a step towards giving a sense of power back to the people who are currently lost and looking for some direction.

Nyaaya User, Delhi

This has been a great help in understanding the prevailing law and the judicial system. I hope that your guidance will help us in getting justice. Thank you so much.

Ask Nyaaya User

You content is making me aware of what can be in done in some very regular and common situations, making me aware of my rights and knowing the path ahead is helping me get rid of my fear of legal things

Nyaaya Instagram user

Thank you for this fantastic and very useful helpline. I am completely satisfied with the helpline.

Ask Nyaaya User

The team at Nyaaya is extremely driven, passionate and meticulously detailed with their legal research. Their work was incisive, thought-provoking and very accessible for our audiences to understand. It's always a pleasure working with organisations who share the same vision and values.

Charit Jaggi

Working with Nyaaya has been an excellent experience - it's rare to find partners who invest deeply in collaborative approaches, to achieve common goals. The Nyaaya glossary has generated a lot of interest through our social media channels - which demonstrates how relevant and easy to understand the content is. We are looking forward to many more opportunities to partner with Nyaaya in the future!

Antaraa Vasudev

I see the twitter posts as essential reading in a social media structure that is challenged by fake news. The law is typically seen as extremely unfriendly and complicated - so to have it explained in plain English is a huge benefit.

Abhijith Mohan

A website well managed, resourceful and a distinguished step taken. Thank you.

Monalisha Gosh

Hi, I recently came to know about this website and honestly speaking I am elated to know that we have an one stop website for laws.

Ritam Pan

Nyaaya is a unique organization working to communicate our complex legal system in a simple yet informative manner - their work is fundamental for citizen action and for a better democracy.

Anushka Shah

Thanks for providing me all the legal information I needed every time I raised a query. I found it so useful

Ask Nyaaya User

Nyaaya's suggestions were good and helpful for me to take corrective action

Ask Nyaaya User

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