Voting and Elections

Elections are a way for citizens to choose someone to be their political leader or representative in government. By voting, citizens can influence the decisions about how their country is governed. Watch our videos to learn more about your rights as a voter.

Violence in Online Spaces

As more and more Indians spend time online, the law is evolving to protect us from violence in online spaces. Watch our videos to learn more about the protections available to you against online abuse and online crimes.

Violence Against Women

In the first half of 2021, Delhi alone saw a rise of 63% in acts of violence against women. We believe that this underlines the need for legal awareness amongst women regarding their rights against violence and harassment. Watch our videos to learn more about laws preventing violence against women.

Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights are rights which are considered fundamental or essential for the existence of people and which a nation guarantees its citizens. Watch our videos to understand your fundamental rights better.

Love Laws

Young people in India have many questions about their rights in the social context of love, relationships and marriage and where they stand in relation to social norms. Check out our video explainers to learn more about how the law protects your rights to love the person of your choice.

Health Laws

There are certain laws that relate to your legal rights as a patient and your fundamental rights around the medical  care you are entitled to. Watch our video interviews, where experts in these fields explain the laws and your rights in a simple, actionable manner.