Feb 15, 2022

A Conversation with Hidden Pockets on Contraceptives in India

Shonottra Kumar

On World Contraceptive Day 2020, we spoke to Hidden Pockets to understand access to contraceptives in India and the rules in relation to it. Here is the conversation that followed:

What are the different types of contraceptives available in India? Are there special government schemes/guidelines that regulate them?



Do emergency contraceptives cause abortions?

If Ministry Guidelines Administration of Emergency Contraceptive Pills by Health Care Providers apply to entire country, why is ECP not readily available in Tamil Nadu? Are there different rules there?


According to NHFS-4, out of all contraceptive methods used female sterilization amounted over 75% of it. What do you believe is the reason behind this?


Given the current pandemic situation, can you talk about the role ASHA workers play in helping increase access to contraceptives?


For more information on access to contraceptives in India, check this post. Have more questions on the law? Ask Nyaaya.

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