Under the law, a person with mental illness can be admitted to a mental health establishment by their nominated representative for treatment. However, there is very specific criteria for such an admission, which is known as supported admission.

Admission and Discharge in Mental Health Establishments

Last updated on Jun 16, 2022

Admission and discharge in a mental health establishment can be in the following ways:

In the independent mode of admission and discharge, the person has the capacity to make mental health care and treatment decisions, or requires very less support in making such decisions. Therefore, as an independent patient, one consents to every treatment decision. The person is also free to discharge themselves from the establishment.

In the supported mode of admission and discharge,  the person with mental illness does not have the capacity to make mental health care and treatment decisions, or requires very high support in making such decisions.

In addition, separate rules exist for admission as a minor.

  1. The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 []

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