Did you know that the CBFC has mostly banned movies on the grounds of sexual content or communal tensions?

Censorship of Films/Movies

Last updated on Jun 8, 2022

Censorship is when an authority (such as the government) cuts out or suppresses communication. The official stance of the Government is that it does not censor films, it only certifies them.

For the general public to see films/movies, the Central Board of Film Certification has to certify them. Many films are certified only if they meet certain conditions and the filmmakers make certain changes to the film. This amounts to censoring, generally understood as blocking or hiding content from its intended audience.

The law says that the Board can refuse to certify a film if any part, or the whole goes against the sovereignty of India, or affects its relations with other countries. They can also take action if they think the film:

  • is indecent,
  • against morality, or
  • if it is likely to cause public unrest or defame anyone.

The Central Government also has the power to issue more ‘guidelines’ to help the Board decide how to proceed. You should read them for yourself.

Some of the things the guidelines say are –

  • Films should provide a ‘clean and healthy environment’
  • Anti-social activities, or drinking/drug use can’t be glorified, and
  • There should not be needless violence
  • Films shouldn’t cater to the ‘baser instinct’, or be ‘vulgar’.
  • It should not degrade women and sexual violence against women should be shown ‘to the minimum’
  • Anti-national or communal attitudes can’t be promoted

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