Changing Your Name

Last updated on Jun 15, 2022

To change your name, make an addition or delete a part of your name, you will have to follow the steps given below and make sure that it is published either in the State or Central Gazette. You can choose to publish it in the Central Gazette if you want to apply for any higher studies abroad, visa applications, passport application, etc. If you choose to publish it in the State Gazette, then it will only be published within your State but you can use this to update/obtain many identification documents, change your name in school certificates, etc. Follow the steps given below to change your name:

Step 1: Make an Affidavit/Undertaking

You will have to make the documents given below depending on where you want to publish your new name:

  • Affidavit (for both State and Central Gazette)
  • Undertaking (for the Central Gazette)

An affidavit/undertaking are documents which contain facts written by you such as your desired new name. For example, you can use the affidavit/undertaking not only while changing your name but also while getting an Aadhar card, opening a bank account, getting a SIM Card, etc.

Step 2: Go to a Notary or Oath Commissioner

Find the nearest/local Notary or Oath Commissioner who will verify your affidavit/undertaking. Your document will be stamped after which it will be a valid legal document. You will have to pay a fee for this service.

Step 3: Advertise your new name in a Newspaper

You will have to approach two local leading newspapers in your state (one in your regional language and one in English) and request them to publish your new name after showing the verified affidavit. You will have to pay a fee to the newspapers to publish the advertisement.

Step 4: Publish it in the Central or State Gazette

You will have to publish your name either in a State Gazette (within your state) or the Central Gazette (national level).

 State Gazette

You must approach the Government Press of your respective state, fill up the respective form given by them and pay the prescribed fees.

Central Gazette 

If you want to publish your name in the Central Gazette, you will have to send it to the address “Department of Publications, Civil Lines, New Delhi-54” with the following:

  • Your verified Affidavit and Undertaking.
  • Advertisement clipping of the original newspaper.
  • Self attested ID proof and 2 self attested passport photos.
  • Copy of proforma with signatures by you and 2 witnesses.
  • CD copy of proforma with your typed name (excluding witnesses and signatures).
  • A certificate signed by you declaring therein that the contents of hard copy and soft copy are similar.
  • Request letter along with a fee.

Step 5: Proof of Name Change

Both the Central and State Gazette take a lot of time to publish names. You should search for your name in your respective State Gazette website. For the Central Gazette,  follow these steps:

  • Go to the Central Gazette page and click on ‘Search Gazette’
  • Add the category ‘Weekly Gazette’ and press search.
  • Select ‘Part IV’
  • Add in the dates
  • in the “keyword” section, add your new name.
  • Click on the results generated, and
  • Download the relevant file and this downloaded copy can be used as proof.

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