Filing an Annulment

Last updated on Jun 1, 2022

To end a marriage through annulment, a petition must be presented to the District Court which has jurisdiction. The Court should have judicial authority over the area:

  • Where the marriage was solemnized
  • Where either of the spouses resides at the time of filing for annulment
  • Where the spouses last resided together
  • If the wife is the petitioner, then the place where she resides

The petition should have all the facts and reliefs required and should only be submitted after it has been made certain that everything written in it is true. The Court has a duty to make sure that the proceedings go smoothly, and attempt to make sure that there is a chance of reconciliation between the parties. This means that the spouses have to try to resume their marital relationship. An appeal can also be filed after the Court passes a decree or order, and this will be enforced and has to be obeyed.

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