Procedure for Adoption by Step-Parent (Non-Religious Law)

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

As a step-parent of the child you want to adopt, you can follow the procedure given below.(( Regulation 52, Adoption Regulations, 2017.))

Step 1: You and your spouse (the biological parent of the child) must register on the website of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), here. It will redirect you to Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS), where you can fill your application details such as  your personal details, employment details, etc.

Step 2: You must then upload the relevant documents, which are:1

  • Proof of residence of you and your spouse
  • Proof of the parties mentioned above being legally wedded. 
  • Death Certificate of the biological parent in case he/she is not alive. 
  • Attested photographs of the child to be adopted, the biological parent(s), spouse adopting the child and the witnesses. 
  • Form from Child Welfare Committee (CWC) granting you permission, as described in step 3. 
  • Adoption order from court, as described in step 4.

Step 3: You must be granted permission from the CWC to adopt the child. You must fill up this form, which also provides  your and your spouse’s consent.  In case children are being relinquished/surrendered by both spouses from their respective earlier marriages for adoption, separate consent forms shall be filled up.

Step 4: You along with your spouse must file an application in the Family/District/City Civil Court in this format. Thereafter, you should obtain a certified copy of the adoption order from the court and submit a copy of it online through CARINGS.

For more information, please see here

  1. Schedules XX and VI, Adoption Regulations, 2017. []

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