Reporting Child Marriages

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

Anyone can file a complaint of child marriage, including the child. It doesn’t matter whether the child marriage has taken place or not as it can be filed at any time before or after the marriage. A complaint can be made to any of the following authorities:

Call 1098

1098 is a toll-free number and it operates across India. It is operated by Childline India Foundation which works for child rights and child protection. Anyone, including children themselves, can call and give information on this number. You should educate children at schools or children who are working, about this helpline number so that illegal acts of child marriage can be prevented.


You can call the Police on 100 to report:

  • About a child marriage that is taking place or 
  • A child marriage that is about to take place. 

Alternatively, you can even go to a Police Station where you can file an FIR and report the same.

Child Marriage Prohibition Officer

You can approach the local Child Marriage Prohibition Officer and report a child marriage to him. He will immediately proceed to take action against the persons responsible. 

Child Welfare Committee

You can even approach your local Child Welfare Committee established under the law for juvenile justice to look into the matter. For example, in Delhi you can contact the committees based on the districts.

File a Complaint with the Court

You can even directly file a complaint with the Judicial Magistrate (First Class) or the Metropolitan Magistrate. The Court will order the Police or the Child Marriage Prohibition Officer, as required to take action. 


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