Precautions to be taken by customers

There are certain precautions to be taken by customers when dealing with cheques.

  • Ensure that the cheque has CTS 2010 written on it.
  • Preferably use image-friendly coloured inks like blue and black while writing cheques. Avoid using inks like green and red.
  • You should also avoid any alterations/corrections once you have written the cheque. Preferably, use a new cheque leaf if you need to make any alterations/corrections as the cheque may be cleared through image based clearing system.
  • Make sure that your signature on the cheque is the same as the signature in the bank records. Otherwise, your cheque may be declined and the bank may penalize you.

Precautions to be taken by banks while dealing with cheques

Use CTS Cheques Only

Banks should use “CTS 2010” cheques which are not only image friendly but also have more security features.

Using Stamps on Cheques With Care

Banks should exercise care while affixing stamps on the cheque forms, so that it does not interfere with the material portions such as date, payee’s name, amount and signature. The use of rubber stamps, etc, should not overshadow the clear appearance of these basic features in the image.

Scanning of CTS Cheques by Banks

It is necessary to ensure that all essential elements of a cheque are captured in an image during the scanning process and banks have to exercise appropriate care in this regard.