Cheque Processing Problems

There are several reasons that could cause problems in cheque processing and lead to cheque bouncing. But not all of them warrant legal action. For example, a cheque could bounce if the sign of the drawer does not match with the account.

A detailed list of these reasons has been provided by the Reserve Bank of India in Annexure D of the Uniform Regulation and Rules for Bankers Clearing Houses.

Forging a cheque

When you fill a cheque either without the authorisation of the account holder or exceed the amount you were authorised to fill then you have committed a crime. This is known as forging a cheque.

The punishment for this offence is jail time up to two years and/or a fine.


  1. Mustafa took a blank cheque from Adrija and without her knowledge added in an amount of Rs. 10,000 along with falsifying her signature. He presented this cheque to the bank for payment. In this case, Mustafa has committed forgery.
  2. Adrija gave Mustafa a signed cheque and authorised him to put in an amount only up to Rs. 10,000. Mustafa fills in Rs. 20,000 and presents it to the bank for payment. Mustafa has committed forgery.