Trigger Warning: This explainer contains information on physical violence, sexual violence and abuse which some readers may find disturbing.

Domestic Violence

This explainer discusses how women in India are protected from being abused physically, psychologically, verbally, emotionally, sexually or monetarily by their family. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Rules, 2006and the Indian Penal Code, 1860.


Can I claim a residence order even if I am not the owner of that house?

There is no Protection Officer or Service Provider in the region I live, what can I do if I am facing domestic violence?

I am in a live-in-relationship and my partner abused me. Can I file a complaint under this Act?

Can I file a case against my mother-in-law or my brother?

Does my husband have to be present for the Magistrate to pass an order?

What if my husband continues to subject me to domestic abuse me while counselling is in progress?

I was assigned to a shelter home, but my husband and his family still harass me there. What can I do?

What if the police officer refuses to lodge my complaint?

Can you also file a case under the domestic violence law for dowry harassment?

How do I know my husband is subjecting me to domestic abuse/violence?

When can a complaint be filed for domestic violence?

Where and how can I find a Protection Officer for domestic violence?

Will an FIR be filed for domestic violence?

Do I have to pay a fee to the Protection Officer or Service Provider that I have found to help me deal with domestic violence?

What is “relationship in the nature of marriage” under law on domestic violence?

Are minors protected from domestic violence?

The Counselor appointed to help me deal with domestic violence is a man. I am not comfortable. Can I do something about this?

The Counselor who was appointed to counsel me and my husband for domestic violence knows my husband. Is this fine?

If I leave my house because of domestic violence, will I be able to see my children again?

What if my husband does not follow the Protection Order that he was given for subjecting me to domestic violence?

What evidence will be used to prove domestic violence that is verbal or emotional on the court?

My parents-in-law had started assaulting me physically compelling me to starve for days. Lastly on 13.03.2020 they caused me to hospitalization making half-dead. My father lodged FIR u/s 498A but the mother-in-law is still avoiding arrest while my father-in-law, after jail custody of 3 months, is out now. I begged for getting safe entry in my in-law\’s house as my parents are very poor and I have got a child on 14.12.2020. Virtually I am roofless now. My parents-in-laws have driven me out of the share way back on 15.03.2020. High Court has advised me to take resort of other efficacious remedy and I am asking for going to the appropriate court of law for immediate protection.